Security Alarm & Camera System Rebates

Calling all Vancouver Island Small Businesses

$1000 security alarm & camera rebates are available - do you qualify?

These rebates are meant to increase security for BC’s small businesses by adding camera systems or upgrading your security alarms to increase protection. It’s not for every business, but small business with less than 50 employees may qualify. Don't miss out on these security system and camera rebates which may apply to 2023 and 2024.

This is a great opportunity for Islanders to get away from the company you are with, switching to Real Security from Blanchard Security. Add cameras or upgrade your camera solution to advanced smart security cameras. Or upgrade your security alarm devices to protect you better while taking advantage of instant notifications with smart interactive security control panels. With new, advanced, updated security equipment designed specifically for your needs, it has never been a better time to switch to Blanchard Security.

Contact the security team at Blanchard Security to arrange a no-charge, no-obligation security consultation with our licensed security experts at your business. We’ll recommend the right security solutions for 2024 and beyond and let you know all about the security alarm and camera rebates available to you now.

While it is always a great time to switch to Blanchard Security from your current security provider and upgrade your peace-of-mind, these security alarm & camera rebates provide 1000 reasons to act now!

To qualify:

  • Be located in an area of British Columbia zoned for commercial, business, or light industry use; and
  • Have an exterior entrance (accessible directly from an outside area such as sidewalk, street or parking area), which serves as the primary access point for customers and clients; and
  • Have a B.C. Registration or Incorporation Number; and
  • Be in good standing with the Province of British Columbia; and
  • Have less than 50 employees at the time preventative work is undertaken, and
  • Not have received an alternative local rebate, grant or insurance claim (excluding the insurance deductibles) to cover the same expense.

Eligible expenses

  • Installation of new or enhancements to
    • Cameras and recording/monitoring equipment
    • Alarm and monitoring system equipment
    • Installation fees associated with approved preventative updates
    • And more…

For the official details on these rebates or to arrange your on-site security consultation, contact Blanchard Security at 250-914-0202.


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