Patrol Car Guard Service

Patrol Car Guard Service

Blanchard Security provides Patrol Car Guard Service in the City of Campbell River. You can stay at home, on holidays or in bed, while we investigate.

Blanchard Security is proud to provide a safe and convenient tool for keeping your business secure.

Operating in Campbell River, our Patrol Car Guard Service operates at night to provide regular appearances at our clients premises. Join the growing group of local businesses that can enjoy complete confidence in their security.

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Cover multiple locations

Highly visible presence

Professionally trained staff

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Guard Service provides regular check-ins to prevent problems

We all know that darkness, evenings and weekends present opportunities for people doing bad things. Guard Service provides you added peace-of-mind by increasing presence and reducing problems. 

your security is our priority

Discover peace of mind with Blanchard Security

We are experts in intelligent security solutions meticulously tailored to your needs, backed by a decade of trust, expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

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Patrol Guard serving Campbell River and Vancouver Island