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Video tells the story…

Blanchard Security can provide you with security camera systems that will be your best witness every time.

High Definition and 4k surveillance cameras

Quality security camera solutions provide real security. We provide multiple brands and styles of cameras to match every need. Get the resolution and picture detail you need to see the whole picture with the storage solution you require. 

Wide variety of security camera system solutions

Lifestyle cameras, wireless and wired solutions, power-over-ethernet (POE), and professional commercial grade camera systems. Streaming video recorders (SVR's), network video recorders (NVR's), cloud recording and on-board recording - We choose the right solutions for you.  

Night vision cameras

Unlit areas can easily be covered with night vision cameras using infrared cameras or infrared illuminators. Seeing in the dark where intruders think they may be undetected is key.

Accessible by laptops, tablets, and phones

Easily access your security network from anywhere on any device. Awareness is everything - you control who can view security footage, when and how. 

Security analytics combine with security camera

Software analytics have elevated security awareness by deciphering between people, animals, vehicles and more. Cameras together with analytics can be used for crowd detection, PTZ auto tracking, people counting, traffic analysis, filtering out bugs and birds, overcoming weather conditions and shadows, and more. 

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Milestone Security Systems allow us the flexibility to create custom solutions for any kind of security requirement.

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