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Stopping intruders at the border of your premises is the gold standard for site security.

Blanchard Security can offer you a perimeter protection solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Fence intrusion detection

Enhance your perimeter security with our advanced fence intrusion detection systems. Offering precise monitoring and immediate alerts to safeguard your premises from unauthorized access or breaches.

Outdoor microwave sensors

Ensure comprehensive outdoor security with our cutting-edge microwave sensor technology. Delivering precise detection capabilities to safeguard your premises against intrusions and potential threats. Challenging environments are our speciality.

Sirens and strobes that alert intruders

Deploy powerful sirens and attention-grabbing strobes as effective deterrents. You can swiftly alert intruders and enhance security of your premises with our comprehensive alarm systems.

Property awareness and talk-down service

Knowing the moment someone arrives in an area of your property where they shouldn't be is the key to prevention. Security camera analytics provide that awareness and talk down services help prevent crimes from taking place. 

Real-time notification of intrusions

Receive instant, real-time notifications of any intrusions with our advanced security systems. Enabling proactive measures to protect your property and assets along with swift response increases security.

Perimeter Protection

A first line of defence

Either on it’s own or as part of an integrated security system, perimeter protection is the best first line of defence.

your security is our priority

Find peace-of-mind with Blanchard Security

Secure your perimeter with our cutting-edge protection solutions today, fortifying your property against threats and ensuring peace of mind with our robust defence systems.

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