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It's time to get with the times and trade in your keys for Access Control Systems.
Over a millennium ago, keys came into existence and haven't changed much since.
Blanchard Security offers advanced access control technology ensuring enhanced safety and security.
Enabling effortless monitoring, control, and swift adjustments to safeguard your most valued people and assets.

Control doors, gates, and equipment

Effortlessly manage access to your facilities and protect your assets with our advanced systems, providing comprehensive control over doors, gates, and essential equipment.

Control access levels by user with trackable history

Limit access by users to certain doors, days or time of day and gain an understanding of who was where and when. This historical record of access helps to protect your teams through accountability. 

Access by Cards, Fobs, or Keypads

Grant secure entry to authorized personnel using a variety of convenient methods such as access cards, key fobs, or keypad entry systems, tailored to meet your specific security needs and preferences.

Centrally manage the system by software or browser

Streamline administrative tasks and enhance oversight by centrally managing your security system through intuitive software or browser-based platforms, allowing seamless control and monitoring from any location.

Add or delete users without having to change your locks

Easily update user access privileges by adding or removing individuals from your system without the need to change physical locks, ensuring efficient security management while maintaining cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Access Control Systems

Sophisticated Access Controls

Seamlessly integrated with your system to provide a superior level of control over your security.

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Upgrade your security today with our advanced access control systems, ensuring unparalleled protection for your property and peace-of-mind for you and your team.

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