Intercom Systems

We know that having the right kind of communication is very important to you. Blanchard Security can provide your home or facility with an intercom system is easy to use and reliable. Door or gate entry intercoms Station to station communications Video screen solutions for visual verification

Camera Systems

Video tells the story… Blanchard Security can provide you with a camera system that will be your best witness every time. High Definition and 4k surveillance cameras Get the resolution and picture detail you need to see the whole picture. Night vision cameras Unlit areas can easily be covered with night vision cameras. Accessible by … Continue reading “Camera Systems”

Access Control Systems

Take control of your facility! Blanchard Security can provide you with the right solution that will allow you to protect the people and assets that matter most. Control doors, gates, and equipment Access by Cards, Fobs, or Keypads Centrally manage the system by software or browser Add or delete users without having to change your … Continue reading “Access Control Systems”

Alarm Systems

A properly installed alarm system is a huge asset when it comes to protecting your home or business. From residential dwellings to full size facilities, Blanchard Security has an alarm system that is right for you. Hard wired or wireless alarm systems Get the right level of reliability and ease of access. We are an … Continue reading “Alarm Systems”