Security Support

Below you'll find a list of product manuals, instructions and videos on product use. This section will continue to grow as we add more content to this page for self-support. You can always call us for increased security support, it is what we pride ourselves on as a rapidly growing island security company - focussed on serving customers!

Truthfully, in supporting your security system, we would actually prefer you call us. Remember, we see security systems as something important, often involving life safety - so please, let us help. We are just a call away at 250-914-0202 or toll-free at 1-800-335-3318

Supported by Blanchard Security

All of us at Blanchard Security are focussed on providing the best in care to our customers. Supporting you with your security system use, from basic day to day use to changing batteries separates us from others. We earned your trust in us and we want to support you so that always remains true. Rolling a truck is sometimes required to make changes to your system but some things can be handled by almost anyone if we clearly detail the self-serve instructions. Peace-of-mind in security comes from your confidence in us and partnership between us.

In the coming months, we will pay close attention to the questions coming in and we will work hard to improve this area for your use. Send us a note and let us know if we can help support you with anything in the future. 

Security Support

DSC Security Systems

Bypassing Security Zones


Remote Support Access

Sometimes, the easiest way for our Support Technicians to support you, is to remotely connect to your computer. In order to do this, we use QuickSupport by Team Viewer. If this is appropriate for the situation upon speaking with Blanchard Security, we may point you to this link.