Discovery Foods Ltd.

Original installation was done in 2008 at the Discovery Foods – Willow Point location

10 years ago we installed an IP megapixel camera system in the Willow Point location. Our proposed system provided the following advantages:

  1. Only 10 cameras were required vs the 16 cameras quoted by a competitor. Main reason: IP Cameras can cover larger areas as they have a higher resolution. (ex. 2 tills effectively covered with 1 camera. The analog solution would have required 1 camera per till and still wouldn’t have the same level of detail!)
  2. Lower installation cost. Less cameras to install, therefore less labour.
One of the original ACTi ACM-4201 cameras still in service! – Shown top left

The management of Discovery Foods were pleased with the installation and in the following year another complete installation was approved for the Oyster River location.

Oyster River location. Camera system was originally installed in 2009

Both stores have had minor additions and software/hardware upgrades provided over the years, however for the most part, both locations are still running many of the original cameras installed 10 years ago! Cameras have advanced significantly since then, however the 1.3MP cameras still provide a decent quality image by today’s standards. They have 1024 lines of resolution (close to HD 1080p).

The original installation shown running ACTi NVR Software – Now upgraded to Milestone XProtect Platform

You can be confident that when you shop at Discovery Foods in Willow Point and Oyster River, Blanchard Security is helping to provide you with a safe and secure shopping experience!

Discovery Foods – A local business that supports local businesses!

Blanchard Security also wants to take the time to say thank-you Discovery Foods for being one of our longest and most valued clients. You are a local business that believes in supporting other local businesses, and for that we are grateful.