Discovery Foods Ltd.

10 years ago we installed an IP megapixel camera system in the Willow Point location. Our proposed system provided the following advantages: Only 10 cameras were required vs the 16 cameras quoted by a competitor. Main reason: IP Cameras can cover larger areas as they have a higher resolution. (ex. 2 tills effectively covered with … Continue reading “Discovery Foods Ltd.”

Discovery Harbour Seniors Community

New Horizons Security System

At Blanchard Security, we understand the complex communication challenges Long Term Care Facilities face on a daily basis. We help facilities manage these complexities by providing state‐of‐the‐art integrated healthcare communications systems that: Improve staff‐to‐resident and staff‐to‐staff communication Enhance operation productivity Decrease response times Increase both staff and resident satisfaction As a systems integrator, Blanchard Security … Continue reading “Discovery Harbour Seniors Community”

French Creek Boat Harbour

French Creek Security System

At Blanchard Security, we understand the various security issues that harbour management deal with on a regular basis. We have helped harbours resolve and mitigate security issues by providing state-of-the-art integrated security systems that: Visually monitor and record key areas of traffic Restrict access of unauthorized individuals from protected areas Minimize the occurrence of theft … Continue reading “French Creek Boat Harbour”