Our Locksmiths at work in the Campbell River community

Our security experience and locksmiths service extends to include all aspects of home and business protection. From full security systems down to the lock on your front door. Every piece is an integral part of your overall property security. The locksmith services we provide include installation, replacement, re-keying and repairing locks. For an organization like … Continue reading “Our Locksmiths at work in the Campbell River community”

Discovery Foods Ltd.

10 years ago we installed an IP megapixel camera system in the Willow Point location. Our proposed system provided the following advantages: Only 10 cameras were required vs the 16 cameras quoted by a competitor. Main reason: IP Cameras can cover larger areas as they have a higher resolution. (ex. 2 tills effectively covered with … Continue reading “Discovery Foods Ltd.”

Discovery Harbour Seniors Community

New Horizons Security System

At Blanchard Security, we understand the complex communication challenges Long Term Care Facilities face on a daily basis. We help facilities manage these complexities by providing state‐of‐the‐art integrated healthcare communications systems that: Improve staff‐to‐resident and staff‐to‐staff communication Enhance operation productivity Decrease response times Increase both staff and resident satisfaction As a systems integrator, Blanchard Security … Continue reading “Discovery Harbour Seniors Community”

French Creek Boat Harbour

French Creek Security System

At Blanchard Security, we understand the various security issues that harbour management deal with on a regular basis. We have helped harbours resolve and mitigate security issues by providing state-of-the-art integrated security systems that: Visually monitor and record key areas of traffic Restrict access of unauthorized individuals from protected areas Minimize the occurrence of theft … Continue reading “French Creek Boat Harbour”